Amber & Kathryn

Some say the success of a marriage hinges on valuing friendship first, before all else. That is what makes Amber and Kathryn’s story, who were lucky enough to be best friends before realizing their love for each other, all the more heartwarming. For their wedding, the couple chose to travel a thousand miles from home to a state they had never seen. Their adventurous spirits and adoring guests highlighted why the White Raven was the ideal destination for their wedding. Amber and Katheryn’s vows took place surrounded by spiring cliffs and striking mountains, while the reception was held inside a ballroom that was aglow with love and affection for the two.

When I met Amber and Kathryn, they struck me as two wonderfully different women who support each other endlessly. The awe-inspiring floral arrangements that Earth Within Flowers created for each bride appealed to their different preferences yet were perfectly complimentary. Amber and Kathryn’s first look was priceless as both brides were surprised to see their future wife wearing an almost identical gown. Their love for each other was obvious while photographing them, it was visible in Kathryn’s kind eyes and Amber’s inability to stop smiling. The evening came to a perfect end as rain began to trickle down and family and friends expressed their love and admiration for the newlyweds. I am overjoyed for this lovely couple who chose Montana as the place to celebrate their love, congratulations Amber and Kathryn!


Florist: Earth Within

Hair: Allure Hair Studio

Makeup: Moxie


Catering: Notorious PIG

Cake: Black Cat

Dresses: Tiffany’s Boutique, Ediths

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