McKenley + Zach

People say opposites attract, and that couldn’t be truer than it is with Zach and McKenley. From childhood experiences to upbringing and interests these two will tell you that they couldn’t be farther apart on the spectrum. They will also tell you that there has never been a shadow of a doubt that they are each others person. McKenley will tell you that there has never been a time when Zach wasn’t there for her as her support system and that he is the most patient and caring person she has ever known. Zach will tell you everything you need to know just by looking at his eyes when he talks about McKenley, or when he first saw her walking down the aisle. They were friends for 2 yers before dating after meeting at MSU. I have to say, some couples just have that romantic chemistry that cannot be denied and is magic for couples photos. This evening session with them was a breeze because the love was so dang evident and glowing. Zach and Kenley chose Bodhi Farms in Bozeman, MT as their venue and it was a gorgeous sunny Fall day. The flowers from Calliope Farms were perfection and Kenley was an absolute glowing bride. So thrilled for this incredibly loving and charming couple, congrats Zach and McKenley!

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