Combining a fine art approach with a documentary style, your photo gallery will feel authentically you but editorial, bright and vibrant. 

I step in with hands on direction for couples portraits, wedding party and family photos and will always provide recommendations for your timeline, and ways you can maximize your investment. I pride myself in being described by clients as extremely organized but laid back, flexible and easy to work with.

Renske pronounced "Renska" is a mother of 2, a creative and a lover of books, tea and romance. Renske was educated in Vancouver Canada at the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art and Design. After earning her degree in integrated media she moved to Salt Lake City and then Seattle for many years to work as a photo editor and photographer in professional commercial studios. After having her son she moved back to Montana with her husband to launch her Wedding Photography career in her hometown where her heart has been all the years she was away. She currently lives and works out of Missoula. If I don't have a camera in my hand its a book. I LOVE to read and books are basically my whole personality. 

Meet Renske

Bright, vibrant photography for the loveliest of occasions. Photographing milestones in Western Montana and wherever your love takes us.

Booking a wedding photographer is a BIG deal. I get it and do not take the privilege lightly. I am a huge believer in preparation and checklists. That's why I use a questionnaire system to ensure that on your wedding day, my assistant and I show up knowing EVERYTHING we could possibly need to know to maximize your investment. This means I have a print out and detailed knowledge of your priorities, pose and location ideas, any insecurities, how involved you'd like us to be in your timeline, your family photo list and more.  

Your Wedding Day Means A Lot...


Renae K

"Renske was wonderful! She is professional and extremely creative! We are thrilled with her photos which have that ethereal ability to catch the feeling of the moment in a story-book way "

Sarah V.

"We are SO happy with Ren for our wedding photos! She made our wedding run so smoothly and I'm sure it wouldn't have without her. She worked off a timeline and kept us on track, but without being pushy or demanding. "

With hundreds of clients and close to 150 weddings, Renske has the technical and logistical experience to ensure that your wedding day photography reaches its most magical potential. She offers professional individualized timeline help and recommendations. Her style is timeless and consistent.

Choosing a photographer is no small thing. Here are a few reasons you can feel confident booking Renske:


My background is in professional editing and retouching which means small blemishes and imperfections will be touched up but the goal is that you'll never know. Your body is perfect, but if you tell me in the questionnaire that you are insecure about your "double chin" for example,  I will make a point to help you out with my photoshop chops. Unlike many photographers, who outsource, all my editing stays in house. 

Editing & Retouching

When your big day arrives I will know everything that is important to you so that I can capture the day perfectly according to your priorities and expectations. You'll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire 6 weeks ahead of your date that will ensure I am "in the know" about what's important to you regarding your photography and experience. This preparation sets me apart and is something I am proud of!


One thing I am proud of is my ability to make a couples sessions super fun with active prompts and poses that bring out your true personality as a couple. We will play and be silly and you will LAUGH! We will get the sweet, soft and romantic as well as playful fun moments that capture your spirit and memories of the day. 

We will make this fun!

Why Hire Me

You will laugh! You will have fun! You will walk together, hold hands, be playful and be prompted with silly directives from me to get you interacting as your authentic selves in the way that is unique to your love as a couple.     

My photography style can be described as bright, vibrant, and warm. I love classic, romantic timeless images with a good mix of fun candid genuine moments. My favorite images are those non posed in between moments. I am heavy handed with direction when it comes to family and wedding party photos as well as couples portraits so you don't have to worry "what do I do with my hands?"