Trevor + Francis Home Engagement

Trevor and Francis invited me to Butte for an in home engagement session to commemorate not only the love between them but the labors of love put into their incredibly charming, newly remodeled house. These first time flipper’s abode is almost as charming as they are. But only almost! Exploring the details of the home, I noticed that every special touch was just bursting with history and personal significance. I’m told the “All you need is love and tacos” sign might even be making an appearance at the Wedding (:

I had a blast watching the pups, Oscar and Oliver, snuggle up on Dads as we shot in different parts of the home. The two trouble makers chewed up a book when we left for the outdoor part of the session and I nearly died laughing when the guys told me they’ve decided that the dogs are homophobic republicans because they destroyed the “Becoming Michelle Obama” book among other things. Little rascals! They certainly added some character to this session.

Always grateful for any excuse to get to Butte, and it’s such a pleasure to see so much love between two people. Exploring Trevor’s sister’s nearby Ranch was an added bonus. Absolutely beautiful, with views that may speak to why Francis moved to Montana from Australia in the first place. I absolutely cannot wait for the July Wedding. Thank you for inviting me into your home and congrats again Trevor and Francis!!

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